Data Protection (GDPR) & Privacy Policy

Here Microskalp (Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F.) informs about how your personal information is processed.

On 25/5/18, the EU’s new data protection regulation (GDPR) came into force and replaced the old one
Personal Data Act (PuL).

With GDPR, the protection of personal privacy is further strengthened and we would like to inform you as a customer at Microskalp (Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F.) about how we treat your personal data.

Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F

Commits to protect and respect your integrity in the performance of our services, in contact with you and in all processing of your personal information we carry out. Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F. is personally responsible for processing your personal data in accordance with current legislation. Personal data means all information that may be attributed to an identifiable natural person.


We take all appropriate technical and organizational security measures required to protect your personal data from unauthorized access, change or destruction. We use SSL encryption to protect traffic between you and us.
What personal data does Scalp Clinic Sweden collect and for what purpose?

On the website there is a contact form and a newsletter where you as a visitor have the opportunity to register. Information requested in accordance with the contact form and the newsletter as well as the correspondence between Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F. and you may be saved to enable us to perform our services for the purpose of your particular treatment.

Personal data collected about you or as you submit to us.

We may collect the following information about you to deliver the requested service as well as:
• Communicate with you
• Create and maintain your journal with us
• Manage your payment of the services
• Manage your cases with us
• Observe requirements according to law, regulation or government regulations
• Perform market research
• Get in touch with you and send information about your booking and treatment with us.

The data can also be used for business and method development, market analysis, statistics and risk management. The data processed for the purpose of developing and analyzing
The business is treated on the basis of our legitimate interest to develop
business and communicate with our contacts.

Name: First and last name we collect in order to maintain a correspondence, maintain a record / treatment plan, and that you will be able to identify yourself in the case of your particular treatment at Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F.

E-mail: E-mail address we collect to contact you regarding your booking and treatment if you request to be contacted by e-mail.

Phone number: Telephone number we collect to contact you in case of your booking, as well as matters relating to our services related to DIN processing.

Personal identification number: Not required on the website, neither when registering a newsletter or via the contact form. When booked as well as confirmed treatment, personal identification number is required to establish a treatment plan, to create a journal, to provide you with secure and personal payment options (invoice, installment). We also take your social security number for future issues that are directly linked to the warranty regarding your treatment.

Images: The contact form allows you to upload images prior to a consultation to facilitate and prepare for your treatment. When you upload these images, you agree to these terms of service. You may at any time request that these be removed from our system. The images will be deleted automatically if no processing is to be performed, as are other tasks. For more information about how to request the removal of images / information, see below in this document.

In addition, a written document, if possible (orally verbally) between the parties Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F. and the customer before processing, where you can come and ask the customer about publishing before / after images on the customer who publishes Social Media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for marketing purposes (nevertheless, never left to third parties). The Customer is entitled at any time to request that these be removed / deleted in part or in full. More about how to take photos deleted are written down in this document.

How long do you store my data?
Your personal information will not be retained for longer than is necessary for the purposes of your processing and we will delete personal data in accordance with the laws.

How do you store my personal information?
We store your personal information in a secure and encrypted database where only Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F. can access your personal information.

Data disclosure
We will not disclose personal information to third parties or third parties other than when it is fineAnd when a special agreement between Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F. and you have been signed. We will also not disclose your personal data to countries outside the EU / EEA.
We may disclose your personal information to service providers who perform assignments on our behalf. We may also provide your personal information to
authorities, such as the Tax Agency or the police, court and other law enforcement agencies, if there is an authority decision that we are required by law to comply with.

I want to know the information you have about me and to request that these be deleted.
You are entitled to request free information from Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F. about personal data relating to you. Scalp Clinic Sweden E.F will, at your request or on its own initiative, correct incorrect information and limit the use of these. You can also request your data to be deleted, partially or in full. You are also entitled to request that your information is not used for direct marketing purposes. You are entitled to receive your personal information in writing if you wish.
To access your data, correct or delete these, please contact the Data Protection Officer:

Contact information for the change and deletion of personal data
Tel: (+46) 728 307 308
Näsbydalsvägen 16
183 37 Täby